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For the last three weeks of rain, our Honda sat in the driveway unused, as we prefer to drive the Mazda SUV in bad weather. Well, a family of rats seeking a warm, dry, place moved in, and ate the engine wire harness along with various & sundry other chewables. Who knew an engine rat infestation was claimable under comprehensive? I sure as hell didn't, but Craig at Cloverdale Automotive did. And, along with Randy at Cloverdale Eagle Tech, they've got me up and running again for the price of a $100 deductible. Even washed and cleaned the car inside and out. Just want to give a huge, and well deserved shout out to both of these Cloverdale businesses. You guys are the best!

I have been taking my vehicles to CA for many years. Their are always friendly and they provide quality work at a fair price. Additionally, my car is washed every time I pick it up.


As tourists from Switzerland, we had rent a car for our vacation trip in northern California. On our way back to SF we made a stop at Cloverdale. Driving off I heard a strange noise from a wheel - flat tire! To our luck, Cloverdale Automotive was right next door. Sorry, said the Service Manager, Mr. Hartquist, there are 5 cars waiting - you will have to have some patience. A few minutes later, he suddenly returned with some tools and repaired the tire himself - and he didn't even want any payment! Really exemplary service, thanks a lot!

Hansjorg & Roxane Ryser

Berne, Switzerland

Hi, My name is Deborah and my husband (Konrad) along with our 2 Boston Terriers (Bishop and Bella) were on our way camping with our popup trailer. When we exited and turned right on the exit - our trailer had a flat. We didn't know what to do. We unhitched the trailer and I went out to search for help. We met your amazing team - Audrey and Craig. I walked in at 5:01 and found out you were just closing. Audrey and Craig worked magic that evening. They went above and beyond the call of duty. They both sprung into action - Craig jumped into my car and went to the trailer snatched off the wheel and brought it back to the shop. He fixed the tire in a snap. We were on the road at 5:55 - able to set up camp, enjoy dinner to pour a glass of wine and cheers to the team at Cloverdale Automotive & Tires. We go to Cloverdale every year and we now know we have friends in Cloverdale. Thank you so much for you help! You made our weekend a happy one! From the happy campers!

Debbie, Konrad, Bishop & Bella

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